Gate 47: The potential to find the clarity of meaning in our past

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What if there is no point to life, no purpose at all? What if everything we do, see and experience has no meaning? This might be one of the most existentially dark and painful prospects about being alive. The fear is common and understandable. Human evolution, after all, quite literally depends on us seeking new experiences that both influence us and challenge us to evolve.

Gate 47 represents the mechanism in our mind to make sense out of things that happened. Paradoxically, in Human Design the mind isn’t given much clout, no agency at all in our decision-making process. And yet it is a powerful player in the game we play out between our true Self and the Not-Self. For even though we might try our best to be present in every experience, things usually happen too fast, and before we know it, we’re left muddled and confused, wondering why this or that happened and what it could mean.

Gate 47 is found in the Ajna Center, on the Sensing/Abstract side of the Collective Circuit. The Ajna Center is one of awareness, or more exactly, awareness potential. It is where we do our thinking, so it makes sense that it also foments our mental anxieties. The particular anxiety in Gate 47 pulls its hair out wondering, what if it all meant nothing?

Gate 47 and the Ajna Center

Gate 47 points up towards Gate 64 (the Gate of Confusion) in the Head Center to form the Channel of Abstraction. The Head Center provides the pressure to think about things, and in this case Gate 47 receives pressure from the 64 to sift through often random and chaotic memory fragments, searching and searching, trying to weave these disparate threads together into a story. 

With Gate 47, we seek a coherent narrative we can both accept and that makes sense, and one that we ultimately can share with others for the benefit of the Collective. 

Because we are dealing with Abstract Circuitry, the Emotional Center is involved. This means, of course, that the stream of energy is characterized by highs and lows. It makes sense, since our memories are almost always charged with some emotion, be it pain, joy, nostalgia, or humor.

You might think of the process as a pressure cooker: Gate 64 presents the challenge of its confusion to Gate 47, which sifts and sorts the memory fragments until it reaches a climax of aha, releasing the pent up steam. We realize some essential truth or lesson about how and why something happened, and what it means moving forward. In other words, we experience epiphanies big and small which teach valuable life lessons.

Interestingly, Gate 47 is named Oppression in the I Ching, while in Human Design it is the Gate of Realization. But if we look closer, we’ll see that these are two sides of the same coin. We are oppressed by the onslaught of dreams, memories and random musings, until that magical moment of aha, when clarity suddenly comes through, like the light of the sun separating the clouds and fog.

The Ajna, like the other Awareness Centers, comes with its own flavor of fear. Mental “fear” is experienced as anxiety. This might be more pronounced if you have Gate 47 as a hanging gate. As Ra said, it’s like “you expect to see a feature length film, only to discover that it is showing thousands of video clips.”

If you have the full channel of Abstraction, you are not alone in your busy mind, constantly sorting through what happened, searching and searching for the clarity of meaning. Here is where mindset can become invaluable, understanding that this is all a mechanical process. 

The Human Design definition of Gate 47 is a bit daunting: “A restrictive and adverse state as a result of internal weakness or external strength or both.” I love how my teacher Amy Lee reframes it, emphasizing our internal strengths and external vulnerabilities.

Gate 64 will give you a million fragments, and most of them don’t mean a thing. Most importantly, patience is essential. Riding the Emotional Wave is not for the faint of heart. Just wait and see. Do your evaluating, but don’t fret too much – about your own life or much less someone else’s. 

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