Gate 44: Awareness that stores lucrative memories

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Money is power, and power is survival. And deep within our cellular memory and DNA, we remember how to get more of it. More specifically, this memory dwells in the Spleen’s Gate 44, the Gate of Alertness. If you have this Gate or its channel defined in your bodygraph, you are a valuable asset to your Tribe because you are the keeper of this specific, ineffable knowledge.

In Human Design, all Tribal frequencies have one primary concern: supporting the family or community’s needs. Mechanically speaking, Gate 44 remembers patterns that have led to material success in the past.

It is called the Gate of Alertness because its well-stocked memory is always alert for opportunities. Its keen knowing is a magnet for relationships, interactions, connections, etcetera that will allow the Tribe to level up by gaining material advantage.

In the Bodygraph

Called Coming Together in the I Ching, Gate 44 reaches for Gate 26 in the Ego or Heart Center. This center, though the “weakest” motor in the bodygraph, is nonetheless the only energy source in the Ego Circuit. This makes the 44-26, the Channel of Surrender, especially essential to evolutionary success.

Gate 44 and the Spleen

The Gate of Alertness is associated with our olfactory system and literally allows us to “smell” a trend or a good deal. It can also spin its proposal artfully, engaging the savvy tenacity of the 26 to then go promote its idea. Such a fine nose for potential actually strengthens the Tribal Ego motor and thus also its power to sell, defend, and fight.

The Bottom Line

All channels passing through the Spleen have an impersonal, reptilian coolness to them.  It’s all about the money: the bottom line doesn’t care about the feelings of the Solar Plexus.

As Ra has said, the 44-26 is capitalistic in nature, whereas the 37-40 (which is the mirror of the 44-26 in the bodygraph) is socialistic, concerning itself with more egalitarian emotional support of the Tribe.

No Preconditions

The Splenic frequency of Gate 44  is also creative, entrepreneurial, and quick. Its alertness makes it nimble and flexible. This is what is meant by the Human Design definition: “The success of any interaction is based on the absence of any preconditions.” 

A Tribal bargain is just like a business deal. The most successful agreements are made when both parties arrive at the table with no “preconditions,” allowing each person to negotiate the terms from a clean slate for maximum mutual benefit.

If you have the full channel you know what people need before they know it! You are naturally strategic and especially adept at matching people to products they might like or jobs they would be good at. You are also a master manipulator, in the sense that your instinct allows you to tailor your delivery to the target audience.

A Nose For Danger

The sensory acuity of Gate 44 not only smells opportunities, it also knows what will threaten the Tribe’s material standing. It can sniff out deceit and deception, for example. This awareness comes with a price: fear of past failures. In fact it is this very fear that heightens the awareness and functionality of the gate.

Besides fear, a downside to living with Gate 44 could be perfectionistic tendencies, getting stuck in past patterns, or having issues with control. As always, follow your Strategy and Authority to avoid getting stuck in the lower expressions of any aspect of your bodygraph.

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