Gate 59: Our energy to be intimate and create something together

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Has someone ever looked at you with bedroom eyes? Given you the impression they’re ready and willing to get down and dirty? This is the Gate of Sexuality talking. 

In Human Design, of course, it’s all explained by the mechanics of the bodygraph. The energy of gate 59 is the epitome of seduction, and it can blast through our best defenses. After all, some people are just sexy. Even if they aren’t “attractive,” they give off a sexy come-hither vibe. 

Let’s start with the Sacral Center, the life-force of the bodygraph and the most powerful of the four motors. Its warm, enveloping and inviting abundance of yummy energy radiates several feet from the physical body. The defined Sacral is to be thanked for the Generator’s open, attractive aura. 

We Generators want to work with you, we want to love you and share our creative life force with you. And since creating and procreating are two expressions of the same divine impulse, sometimes we want to make babies with you. Sex, they say, is the ultimate creative act. 

The Sacral Center corresponds physiologically to the genitals. Yet of its nine gates, only one is dedicated to sexuality. This is Gate 59, and it’s named just that.

The Gate of Sexuality is found in the Defense Circuit, which resembles two fallopian tubes. This circuit’s frequency is Tribal. It is driven to meet the needs of the tribe by making bargains and bonds with others. We agree to support each other and be loyal to each other

Gate 59 and the Sacral Center

Specifically, the Defense Circuit is focused on producing and caring for offspring. Gate 59 reaches for Gate 6 in the Solar Plexus to form the Channel of Mating – the most intimate of the three social channels. This feisty, moody energy fuels our desire and ability to form intimate connections with people, often by having sex with them.

Besides being quite literally creative, the act of sex is tribal to the core. It is undoubtedly a powerful, efficient way to forge a bond with another, especially when the result is a baby. Gate 59 represents the raw power and drive to mate. 

In the I Ching, the hexagram is named Dispersion, and its energy signature is to do just that – to disperse the seeds of our gene pool freely about, promising a differentiated and further evolved next generation.

Once the baby is here, however, the other side of the bodygraph takes over. The left fallopian tube, so to speak, connects the Sacral to the Spleen in the Channel of Preservation. As the name implies, here we find our ability to care for our offspring until they can survive and thrive on their own.

A fundamental aspect of Gate 59 is that it is one of the eight Role Gates, all of which are responsible for codifying our behavior as humans. The Gate of Sexuality in particular determines how we bond with others, how we break through barriers and forge intimate, fertile connections which promise some sort of fruit. 

Whether or not we have Gate 59 (or any of the Role Gates) defined does not matter, because we look first to the Profile (to the line of the Personality Sun) for this information. If, for example, you are a 1/3, your sexual/bonding strategy would be Line 1. Here are the six genetic/reproductive strategies:

Line 1 wants to scope out another person first, to get a sense of whether they want to pursue them (or be pursued). It wants secure footing from which to “preemptively strike.”

Line 2 is characterized by shyness (until it becomes boldness). It waits often alone until it is recognized and called out for connection.

Line 3 is open to all kinds of adventure and experimentation, and it learns to adapt by trial and error. The catch phrase “bonds made and broken” is highly applicable to this strategy.

Line 4 is known as the Companion, the Brother or the Sister. It wants to be friends and confidantes first. Once this kind of intimacy is established, sexual intimacy is possible.

Line 5 is the Seducer, the Cassanova or Femme Fatale. They invite intimacy by seducing with their attention, their words, and their body language.

Line 6 is the Dreamer, an aloof idealist looking for a soul mate. Every 6th line spends the first 30 years of life as a 3rd line, and upon maturity, the 6th line retains its penchant for one-night stands in its endless search for the One.

Incidentally, the mirror of Gate 59, Gate 27, is another Role Gate. The 59 breaks down barriers to intimacy and takes the other in, and so it is considering internalizing.

The 27 (the Gate of Caring) on the other hand, is externalizing because its effort flows outward to nurture and tend to the needs of the offspring or Tribe.

Back to the mechanics of a defined Gate 59, because it is a powerful energy that invites intimacy, it can get us into trouble. The Sacral Center after all is just a motor –  it has no awareness at all, and no ability to reason. Oftentimes we won’t have any clue why we are attracted to another person.

If you have the full 59-6, the Channel of Mating, you will be the one to set the tone or limit to how intimate a gathering becomes. Also, you might find that people think you are hitting on them or flirting just because you are simply there in the room. Or perhaps people think you’re trying to seduce their partner.

Another challenge is when Gate 59 is defined as a dormant potential (in an undefined Sacral). If this is you, don’t settle for sex and other kinds of connection with people without discernment or integrity. This will drain your energy and self-esteem. Instead, follow your inner authority.

The emotionality inherent with the Gate of Sexuality is one more thing to keep in mind, because its harmonic is Gate 6 (the Gate of Friction) in the Solar Plexus. The channels that traverse this center are beholden to an unpredictable emotional wave that oscillates from hope to pain and back. Because the frequency of the 59-5 is tribal, physical touch can help stabilize these emotions.

Finally, given the ever-changing emotional scenery at hand, clarity regarding one’s bonding or sexual behavior might be hard to come by. This is doubly true because as mentioned earlier, the Sacral Center has no awareness mechanism – it is simply a (powerful) motor.

There are some aspects of our design that are quieter than others. Our sexuality, however rumbles quite loud, even when it is repressed. Our sexuality is our creative juice of fertility. It is why we are here, how we will continue to be here, and ultimately, how we connect to the Divine.

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