Exploring your Human Design

Human Design provides a blueprint of your unique aura. When you understand how your energy opeates, you begin to trust the wisdom of your body to make decisions, rather than being trapped in an endless mental cycle of to-do lists and “shoulds” (and ending up exhausted).

When you make choices aligned with the natural flow of life, you’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time, meeting just the right people. Your Purpose here will begin to emerge, and your self-love and acceptance will blossom!

Exploring your Astrololgy

Your natal chart is like the outline of your life narrative. The practice of Ancient Western Astrology reveals to you the hand you’ve been dealt in this life, but it does NOT reveal how you’ll play it. That part is up to you!

Like Human Design, Astrology can reveal what makes you tick. However, it’s also a very powerful tool for navigating the future and for making sense and coming to peace with the past.

$75 per session. Please contact Riki to book ~ rikirebel@gmail.com