Gate 50: Awareness that lays down the law

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What do you think of when you hear the word cauldron? Perhaps a witch’s brew, or a huge iron pot simmering with meat to feed the tribe? Or does a military cauldron come to mind, where a siege is enacted by enclosing the enemy? Oddly as we shall see, all three apply to Gate 50, the Gate of Values, called The Cauldron in the ancient I Ching.

The Gate of Values is found in the Spleen, our most ancient awareness center. It points to Gate 27 in the Sacral Center to form the Channel of Preservation. This is a Tribal frequency, and one of two channels that comprise the Defense Circuit (essentially our energetic wiring for reproduction). Its mirror, the 59-6 is the Channel of Mating, is the energy that makes the baby; the 27-50 is the energy that raises, protects, and nurtures this baby into adulthood.

In the Bodygraph

Gate 50 and the Defense Circuit

Consider the importance of these two channels in human evolution. If we don’t have the energy to have sex, we won’t procreate. And if we don’t have the energy to take care of our offspring while they are vulnerable, they won’t survive to reproduce. 

Our body’s washing machine

Ra has likened the Spleen to a washing machine, but one that’s only plugged in when it’s connected to the Sacral. While Gate 50 represents the discernment needed to protect children and raise them safely and joyously, Gate 27 provides the energy to nurture and care for them day in and day out. 

Besides energy, however, we need something far more nuanced: we need values. Our value system provides the backbone of how to raise and protect our kids. Behold the Gate of Values. Like a cauldron of stew, Gate 50 nourishes the young so they grow strong. And like a cauldron of defense, it protects them from the outside forces that puts them at great potential risk.

You know what’s best for your people

If you have Gate 50 defined in your chart, your aura radiates authority, and you might find that people naturally defer to your rules, policies and standards. You also likely have a healthy immune system and a knack for knowing what is good and what is bad for you and for your family to consume – from food to news media.

It makes sense that those with Gate 50 defined in their bodygraph have an innate sense of what is safe and healthy. They are natural care-givers and protectors of those in their Tribe. Their inherent ability to defend the roost goes hand in hand with their gift for upholding Tribal law, which is usually concerned with how we raise our young.

The Gate of Values also confers a natural wisdom and sense of justice on those who have it. But its values are not lofty; they are ideals that literally serve as a foundation of defense against harm or death. It is the gate of law and order, in all the senses, such as safety regulations and moral codes of behavior. For example, one real-world expression of Gate 50 is the workers’ union, enforcing fair policies within the company.

Potential challenges

And as with all Splenic gates, Gate 50 comes with a fear that illustrates its very function: the fear of responsibility, or more precisely fear of failing in our responsibilities. Another potentially challenging expression of this important hub is the tendency to be controlling or overprotective. (The helicopter parent comes to mind.) Similarly, self-sacrifice can become an issue. 

Regardless of how strict or lenient our caregivers are, the force of the conditioning we receive around  the values, ethics and morals of our clan is undeniable and very strong. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use our own intuition and intelligence to identify norms or rules that are outdated or that otherwise don’t align with what we know deep within to be correct. 

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