Gate 64: The pressure to make sense of the past

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Have you ever found yourself sorting through memories in your mind like a rolodex of images? The fragments usually come to you for no apparent rhyme or reason. They tend to pop in your head without any linear or chronological order and don’t make much sense at first – almost like when you dream at night. 

This is Gate 64 in action, aka the Gate of Confusion. Gate 64 literally represents the gray matter in our brain, and the deep well of past experience stored there can flood us with data rooted in the past.

The Gate of Confusion is in the Head Center and points down to Gate 47 in the Ajna, forming the Channel of Abstraction. Gate 47 then filters and sorts often incoherent memories and images, deciphering and making sense out of the original confusion. 

Gate 64 and the Head Center

The Head Center represents not only our brain’s gray matter, but also a portal to the Divine. It provides the pressure we need to think about things, to figure things out. Of its three gates, Gate 64 is on the Sensing (Abstract) side of the bodygraph. 

The Abstract process is cyclical and oriented to the past. It is designed to seek out experiences, and then reflect upon them to see what we can learn. It’s like the Universe saying, “Go try shit! Go ahead!” And then after it says, “Okay, so now go think about why that was a good idea or bad idea.” 

Gate 64 receives the memories of these experiences as bits of data, in an apparently random way. When this data is met with Gate 47, we can have an aha moment – as in, Now I know what this experience was meant to show me. Ra Uru Hu likened the frequency to light being filtered through a prism.

In its highest expression, this aha moment can become an anecdote you tell, a story you weave into the fabric of your communication in relationships. It becomes something that can benefit the Collective by its wisdom.

Without Gate 47, you may notice that you experience the imagistic memories without resolution. They come and come, and you rarely experience that satisfying aha that temporarily alleviates the anxiety that is naturally felt by confusion.

Anxiety, in fact, is a natural state for us to be in from time to time. It is one of the byproducts of having a mind. Human Design can help us get familiar with our own particular flavor of anxiety, and perhaps even accept it. 

We are complex beings, after all. The same gateway to anxiety also offers vast mystical potential, the ability to connect to other realms of consciousness.

What will filter through your dreams tonight?

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