Gate 35: the voice that says “Been there, done that, what’s next?”

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Haven’t we all gotten a little itch, a restless hankering to switch things up a bit? Maybe we want to move to a new city, change careers, or take a trip. The human saga abounds with stories of people going on adventures and then coming back to share their experiences.

This hunger for personally uncharted adventure is the energy of Gate 35, whose voice says “I feel.” And according to well-spouted Human Design wisdom, what it feels like is a change

Progress is the I Ching name for the Gate of Change, which might help to understand our impetus to continually seek novelty. This is one of the Collective’s contributions to the progress of humanity, this desire for variety: For how can we progress if we don’t change? 

Gate 35, in the Throat Center, points down to Gate 36 in the Emotional Center. This places it on the Sensing side of the Body Graph (the right side).

Gate 35 and the Throat Center

The 35-36, or Channel ofTransitoriness, is associated with the Jack of all Trades. It is fickle, moody, and easily bored.

Unlike its mirror (Gate 16 in the Understanding Circuit) which masters patterns by repeating them, Gate 35 behaves more like a dilettante, flitting impatiently from one thing to the next. Keynotes that we commonly associate with its frequency are hunger, curiosity, and restlessness

It’s helpful to remember that any time a channel or circuit passes through the Solar Plexus, your natural Emotional Wave will highly affect how you perceive it. For this reason, especially if your Solar Plexus is defined, wait some time for clarity to emerge after the emotions have evened out. 

Given the moody nature of the Emotional Wave, keep in mind that Gate 35 needs a partner in crime. As the Human Design definition affirms, “progress cannot exist in a vacuum and is dependent upon interaction.” The attraction between Gate 35 and Gate 36 can be very intense and sometimes sexual in nature. 

The Emotional Wave is tricky, as it continually rides from crest to crest, from hope to pain and back to hope. Gate 36, after all, is the Gate of Crisis. In this context, the Gate of Change is the catalyst, the spark to begin a new cycle of hope to pain and back.

Gate 35 does not generally care to repeat experiences, being a “one and done” sort of approach to life. In this way it learns over time, growing ever wiser and choosier about which experiences are worth getting involved in. The 35-36 is the Channel of Transitoriness: it is all about impermanence.

One hazard of Gate 35  is getting too hastily involved in experiences,  especially if you have it as a hanging gate (meaning not the full channel). This means you get involved with someone or something at a high or low in your Emotional Wave, or simply for the rush of it – without weighing all the consequences.

The Gate of Change has an eagerness associated with hunger, which comes with its opposite, stagnation or satiation. If Gate 35 says I’m hungry, the 36 says I’m full. Regardless, this can translate into overdoing it with food, alcohol, drugs, etc. Its energy is incredibly restless, always jonesing for the next thing. 

Of course, the consequences can be significant – whether they manifest as diploma-chasing, an eating disorder, or a problem with marital fidelity. The power of the Emotional Center is real. It offers delicious highs but always collects payment – with anticlimactic feelings at best, and crashing lows at worst.

Again, over time this tendency calms down, and if we’re smart, we learn our lessons. Our memories become ever sweeter and begin to sustain us, even more than the experiences themselves once did.

Then in our wisdom, we help guide others. This is the experiential way of the Sensing Circuit. And Gate 35, being Collective in nature, is designed to share with others, which it does indeed through its stories and advice. It merely needs time to reflect.

Those of you with some knowledge of astrology will recognize the restless Gemini energy at play. Note also that the illusory planet Neptune has been flitting in and out of Gate 36 for two years. This means if you have Gate 35 in your chart, you have felt the full channel for quite a while.

In any case, be grateful for your stories, for with each experience your consciousness, and your love, expands❤️.

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