Gate 46: The love of the flesh

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Since your very first breath, you learned to experience yourself through your body, through the sensory delicacy of your fingers, eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. Only later did thought begin to shape your impressions of the world beyond your flesh. 

The body, affectionately referred to sometimes as our “meat suit,” is considered a temple for the soul in countless traditions. It is quite literally our home: our ambulatory, portable domicile where all things on this plane of reality transpire. 

Our primary relationship is with this body. What is your relationship like?  Do you love your body? Do you celebrate it, or do you fight it? Do you enjoy how your flesh feels, or are you ashamed of it? Do you really feel your body, or have you lost touch with it?

In the Bodygraph

From a Human Design perspective, this spectrum from love to hate is “embodied” in Gate 46, the Gate of the Determination of the Self. The Self, as we know, resides in the G Center – our hub of direction, identity, and love. The G Center is the seat of our “driver” (the Magnetic Monopole),  and it is from this place that our bodies move through time and physical space.

Gate 46 and the G Center

Gate 46 points down to Gate 29 in the Sacral Center to form the Channel of Discovery. This current of juicy energy fuels our movement. We can trust our body’s authority to know if we are in the right place at the right time. Our vehicle with its driver knows the way. 

The Cyclical Abstract Process

The Channel of Discovery is part of our experiential process. It is found on the Sensing side of the bodygraph, passing through the waves of emotion of the Solar Plexus. It is always, without exception, a cyclical process.

Through this current our physical bodies seek the sensory delights that only lived experience can bring – through relationship, adventure, and overall gratification of the senses. However, as Ra reminds us, there is always  “chaos, upheaval, and disappointment” inherent in the abstract process. 

The Lucky Channel

On the other hand, there equally exists the opportunity for much good fortune, pleasure, and joy. At the end of the day, both the highs and the low, the “good” and the “bad,” become our lessons and our stories. It is how we learn, teach others, and evolve as a species.

This gate is known as one of serendipity, because we truly can not know where we are going or what we will do in this lifetime. The fact is, we have known for a long time that we have very little free will, and that surrendering to the divine story is the only remedy for our suffering.

Not only that, when we really trust in the present moment and allow our bodies to experience the now, we can hear the soft signals the body is always giving us. Once we begin to understand its language, the magic begins to happen. Indeed, this channel is considered as one of the “lucky” ones in the bodygraph.

The Hanging Gate 46

If you have the hanging Gate 46, you might not have consistent fuel to move in the direction you sense is correct. Also, you might find that the Universe has given you major course corrections when you have been off track. This can come in the form of a sudden illness, loss, or shock.

What comes to my mind is the scene from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles when the characters are driving on the opposite side of the freeway in the middle of the night: “You’re going the wrong way!”

If we continue to lead from a fearful, conditioned mind, the body will eventually shut down from stress, anxiety, or exhaustion. It cannot be ignored forever. How exquisite instead to simply let go of the reins and fall in love with it all! 

Gate 46 is one of the four Love gates in the bodygraph which form the Vessel of Love. If we can accept and love our rollicking dramas, surrendering to the wise trajectory of the flesh, we choose the higher road. We become the higher vibe, making us magnets for all the good stuff in life.

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