Gate 6: The gatekeeper to true intimacy

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When we call to mind a passionate relationship, we usually assume there is going to be some intensity or drama – some conflict, heat or friction. And even though on the surface these things might seem negative, it’s hard to deny that arguments and fights (when resolved correctly) can strengthen a bond and deepen our sense of intimacy with another person.

From a Human Design standpoint, it is Gate 6 that provides this heat. This powerful hub – unsurprisingly named the Gate of Friction (Conflict in the I Ching) – is found in the Emotional Center or Solar Plexus.

It reaches for Gate 59 (Sexuality) in the Sacral Center to form the Channel of Mating. It’s as if Gate 6 is taunting the 59 to come closer, yet at the same time putting up a barrier. It can say anything from Come hither to No way or Not yet

Gate 6 and the Solar Plexus

In this way, conflict and confrontation come in equally handy by letting us know who is wrong for us. Interestingly, Gate 6 is biologically associated with our body’s pH system, which functions as a similar barrier, keeping certain things in and certain things out. In a similar maneuver,  just as the body’s acidity creates a hostile environment for that which can harm us, Gate 6 blocks out undesirable frequencies from other people.

This is part of the Tribal circuitry, where the survival stakes are high. The importance of genetic reproduction to the continuity of our species goes without saying. In the interplay between the 59 and the 6 we see how our aura mechanics maximize our survival potential, ensuring we both mate with the correct people and preserve the Tribe’s resources. 

Besides acting as a sexual barrier, another powerful aspect of Gate 6 is that those with this definition tend to set the tone for how intimate things get, whether between two people or within a group. It’s even called the “aura buster,” since it has the ability to get close to others with complete ease.

Because the Gate of Conflict is in the Solar Plexus, it will always operate on a wave of emotion, fueled with both the energy and awareness relating to our deeply felt human experiences, inextricable from our highs and lows. We have this wave to thank for the intensity and drama of any intimate connection, regardless of whether our Solar Plexus is defined or not. 

All gates in Awareness centers have fears; Gate 6 fears intimacy. It can help to know that the nervousness we feel from time to time is natural and temporary. Essentially we must enjoy the ride, while still remembering the essential axiom: There is no clarity in the now.

It is said that the 59-6 is best experienced as an electromagnetic – in other words, where one person has Gate  6 and the other has Gate 59. Regardless, together the 59 and the 6 form a potent channel that gets noticed for its allure. We’re talking about sex here – there is heat. Even the act intercourse requires friction!

The human saga is enacted by lovers and their quarrels – true intimacy will always bring forth emotional intensity. Remember that the storm clouds will depart, and that pristine clarity of emotion will remain. Remember too that this bond is a sacred union, holding the ultimate sacred potential.

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