Gate 31: the voice of the people

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When we hear the phrase great leader, often what comes to mind is a great public speaker. A charismatic, diplomatic politician who tries to appease all the people (or at least pretends to). These smooth talkers succeed because they are able to articulate to their followers a detailed plan for a secure path towards the future. 

The masses, however, do not exactly have a reputation for being discerning. And history has demonstrated time and again that an effective leader can influence the masses for good or for evil. 

Great leaders intrinsically understand the power of language to manipulate. Their very word choice can sway others because they are so savvy with language. Behold the domain of Gate 31, the Gate of Influence. Not surprisingly, it is found in the Throat Center, and its voice says, “I lead.” 

Unlike the Gate of the King/Queen (Gate 45), which is Tribal and leads with one’s mere presence, the Gate of Influence is Collective. Its power lies exclusively in whether it can garner and preserve the support of others. Because of this, its leadership must be egalitarian and reflect the desires and best interest of the people.

Or rather, the people at least need to believe that this is the case. The followers must trust that their leader is capable of ushering them safely into the best future possible.

Those with Gate 31 know what needs to be said to convince their people. They might take liberties with words and distort facts and figures to suit their ambition. However, since the frequency is on the Understanding side of the Collective Circuit, it is very logical and scientific. It relies heavily on provable, systematic pattern recognition. 

Gate 31 and the Throat Center

Gate 31 points down to Gate 7 (The Army) in the G Center. Together they form the Channel of the Alpha. If you have the hanging Gate 31 (without the full channel), it is especially important to wait for the correct timing to speak – otherwise, your words will fall on deaf ears. 

This is a projected frequency, which means it has no immediate access to energy and relies on other people to release its potential. In Human Design speak, you need to be invited. And this goes even if you are not a Projector. In other words, you will know when people want your leadership because they explicitly acknowledge your expertise and recognize you as a leader. 

At its most healthy, the leadership of the Gate of Influence is both humble and empowering. Often a person with Gate 31 does not even have the desire to lead. Instead they are chosen, recognized for their gift of raising people up. This is the leader who teaches people how to fish instead of giving them fish. 

More unpleasant expressions include being bossy or otherwise trying to tell people how to live their lives. Also, if you have this gate you’ll need a thick skin –  because those in charge are often targets of relentless criticism.

The best leader does not care what people think of them. And yet it’s a delicate tight rope walk, because without the full support of the people, this leader is no one.

Of course, if you have Gate 31, you really won’t know why or how you will influence others. It all goes back to Strategy and Authority. Listen to your body, trust its wisdom, and all will work out. We are not the authors of our lives, even though we often think we are. That is the great mystery.

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