Gate 48: Humanity’s primordial well of knowledge

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It’s been said that talent is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Imagine humanity’s most talented thinkers, athletes, artists, and scientists. Imagine the prima ballerina, hour and after hour honing her skill until  finally she becomes her dance. Or the famous pitcher becoming his pitch. Imagine Einstein at his desk, perhaps in his underwear, his mind churning endlessly over formulas as he plumbed the deepest secrets of the universe.

A wellspring of talent

How does such talent come to be? You could say it begins as a spark or catalyst, which is then sustained by a well of  deep intelligence. This vast and ancient awareness comes from a keen discernment designed to correct patterns. 

From a Human Design perspective, the enthusiastic spark of skill, when met with this deep well results in an ability to repeat a skill again and again, refining it perhaps for a whole lifetime. The potential for mastery is great here.

In the Bodygraph

On the Bodygraph, we find this phenomenon in the relationship between Gate 48 in the Spleen and Gate 16 in the Throat. Gate 48, called The Well in the I Ching, is also known as the Gate of Depth.

Its primordial awareness is a result of tireless attunement to patterns and the ability to correct them. When connected to the Gate of Skills in the Throat, the Channel of Wavelength produces a Design of Talent.

Gate 48 and the Spleen

It is noteworthy that the Gate of Correction (Gate 18) comes just before Gate 48 in Mandala, and furthermore that all the Splenic gates are sequential. It is as if the constant focus on pattern correction over time fills up this deep well of knowledge. Gate 18, you could say, presents the problem and Gate 48, the solution. Ra called this the “existential sense of solution in the moment.”

The natural fears of the Spleen

As all gates in the Spleen are associated with a specific fear, Gate of Depth fears inadequacy, or not being prepared in general, which can lead to extreme perfectionism. If you have the hanging gate 18, know that you will bring a natural depth to everything you do, but there might be a sense of not having the skill to go with it, since Gate 16 in the Throat is needed to bring the talent to full fruition.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the talents and skills developed in this process will necessarily have value for society at large (rather than personal value), because this is part of the Collective Circuit. The ultimate purpose and driving desire here is to share. 

Funding needed

Lastly, this frequency, not being connected to a motor, requires resources and time. The whole logical process (the left side of the bodygraph) is painstakingly slow, and it needs to be recognized and adequately compensated. 

The talented people with this design, when properly resourced and funded, can then dive deep into their well of talent and deliver great gifts to humanity, from enduring works of art and music to scientific discoveries paving our path forward.

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