Gate 7: The power behind the throne

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Some people have a true gift for leadership. They are somehow able to see down the road and choose the best path, guiding the Collective towards a future of prosperity, joy, and safety. Of course, not all leaders have the same style. Our species has boasted authoritarians, democrats, anarchists, abdicators, generals, and administrators. And each has the potential to successfully lead others.

This is what Gate 7 is all about. Called the Gate of the Role of the Self in Human Design, and The Army in the I’Ching, this frequency implies an ability to use logic adeptly and rely on keen pattern recognition. Gate 7, with its eye on the best future possible,  understands what has worked in the past and what has not. 

Gate 7 in the bodygraph

Gate 7 is located in the G Center and points up to the Logical (or Understanding) side of the Throat, placing it (unsurprisingly) in the Collective circuitry of the bodygraph. Those with this definition are meant to serve others with their important gifts and unique vision for humanity.

Gate 7 and the G Center

Gate 7 is the other half of the extremely influential Channel of the Alpha, which it forms with Gate 31. Often, people with each gate come together to lead, their partnerships forming  a potent electromagnet. We can look at Gate 31 as the figurehead: the Monarch, the President, or the CEO. Gate 7 provides the actual leadership, and for this reason is known as the “power behind the throne.” 

We need look no further than the power couple Hillary Clinton, with her Gate 7, and Bill Clinton, with his Gate 31. The example of Hillary, who has her Gate 7 in line 2, brings us to an important distinction to be made about The Gate of the Role of the Self.

The Role Gates

This is because Gate 7 is also one of eight role gates. These are important gates that determine the expression of the different roles we play – for example, how we bond with as well as nurture others. In particular, this Gate of the Role of the Self determines how we interact with other people. 

Here is where it can get a little confusing. If you know your Human Design Profile (for example, mine is 4/6), the first number is your Personality and the second number is your Design, which is understood to be your body or Unconscious side. It’s the first number we’re primarily concerned with here.

Remember that each gate in the Mandala is divided into six lines. Your Personality number is based on where in the gate (which line) the Sun was when you were born. This line/number will also inform all eight role gates in your chart, giving color and nuance to the way you are in the world. 

Whether or not you have Gate 7 defined in your chart, your Personality Sun line (aka your Profile) will shed light on how you behave in relationship. These Archetypes of leadership reveal how each of us interacts with others:

Line 1: The Investigator’s ability and need to build a solid foundation allows you to be Authoritarian in your approach.

Line 2: You have a natural talent that others can see in you. They call you out to be a Democratic leader. You are chosen by the people to serve the people.

Line 3: Your method is to experiment again and again, martyring yourself until you find what works. You discard what does not, and you might just revolt if the leadership isn’t correct. This is what makes you a potential Anarchist.

Line 4: The Opportunist and networker does not want to make enemies. They serve best when they Abdicate their position, peacefully allowing the majority consensus to elect the next leader.

Line 5: Like the second line, the fifth line comes with a projection field. People see you as their savior, and they choose you to march as their General. As the I’Ching hexagram name Army suggests, the General must lead the troops toward success. If you fail the people, you might be “burned at the stake.”

Line 6: The sixth line behaves as a third line for the first part of your life. After all the experimentation, you develop a detached viewpoint. You are able to see the potential gifts in everyone, and as the Administrator, you delegate the leadership to others.

Remember, these archetypes for the Role of the Self are based on your Personality Sun, which might be in any gate!  If your Gate 7 is defined, however, you will also need to take into consideration its line/number to further inform your leadership style. Going back to Hillary for example, her Profile is 1/3, and yet her Gate 7 is in Line 2. This means we look to both the Authoritarian and the Democrat to reveal how she leads.

Challenges with Gate 7

As with all human archetypes, there exists the full range of expression – from the most enlightened to the most destructive. Some possible challenges to this activation include being overly controlling or deaf to the wishes of the people. Furthermore, Gate 7 is part of a projected channel, meaning it works best when its leadership is recognized, invited, elected, etcetera. Otherwise, your attempts might come across as power-hungry or attention-seeking.

In any case, your design is here to serve us all. With your unique way of spotting patterns and trends, you are truly able to see what works and what’s coming. In this way, you usher us towards the best tomorrow possible.

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