Gate 34: The power to survive and thrive as yourself

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In Human Design, power is life itself. Alokanand Diaz likens it to the vast potential contained in a seed. And yet humanity’s historic use and abuse of power has deformed its essential purpose. True power is the mysterious, sacred motor that keeps us alive. 

It is a deeply personal energy, and to own it fully permits your life to unfold in its unique, perfect way. Before you can interact optimally in any relationship, you need to be fully integrated as your own self. When you are secure in your ability to thrive just as you are, you are equipped to serve the common good by empowering others to do the same. 

This means you have a clear sense of agency to act on your own behalf, to pursue what you love and care about, and to express your truth. Only after these fundamentals are in place, can you operate within partnerships, friendships, tribes and communities, and society at large.

A Celebration of Independence

The power to do this, to be individuated and independent, is the business of Gate 34, the Gate of Power. This very complicated hub resides in the Sacral Center and connects to three other centers, something no other gate in the bodygraph does. Recall that the Sacral Center is our most powerful motor, one that generates pure life-force energy that is both creative and procreative (sexual).

In the Bodygraph

Gate 34 and the Sacral Center

Gate 34 stands apart from the other eight Sacral Gates, distinguished first because it is asexual, and second because its potent, coveted fuel is not available to anybody else. This kind of selfishness is about putting on one’s own oxygen mask first, because its purpose is to ensure that each of us can survive as oneself.

Before we take a look at the three channels that stem from the Gate of Power, a quick review of the different circuitry operating in the bodygraph might be helpful. 

A Review of Circuitry

The Individual Circuit is the most predominant as there are more Individual gates than any other. It empowers the self and others to live authentically and to embrace our own uniqueness. This guarantees a constant influx of innovation that mutates society and promotes ongoing survival as a species. The keynote of this circuit is empowerment.

Then there is the Collective Circuit, whose name implies its concern is for society as a whole. Its logical, splenic, Understanding side relies on both proven logical patterns, while its experiential, emotional, Sensing or Abstract side relies on memories and stories of human experience to guide behavior. The keynote is for the Collective Circuit sharing.

The Tribal Circuit is about obtaining and distributing material resources. It relies on loyalty to the family, institution, or community – loyalty that is invariably secured with a bargain. Its keynote is support.

The Circuitry of Gate 34

The Integration Circuit, though sometimes classified along with the Individual Circuit, is quite its own beast. It is here only to ensure the Individual’s survival and to empower them to individuate. The formidable energy that Gate 34 emits belongs to two channels in the Integration Circuit.

The 34-57 is the Channel of Power, hooking the Spleen’s primitive Gate of Intuitive Insight to pure sacral fuel. This design is the foundation of human survival: our ability to literally remain alive by listening to our sharp, moment-to-moment intuition.

The 34-20 is the Channel of Charisma, injecting the Throat’s Gate of the Now with the power to speak and act spontaneously as oneself. This channel represents the celebration of the independent Individual, and its energy is emblematic of the Manifesting Generator. In fact, some say that this is the only true Manifesting Generator Channel.

It is these two channels that are not to be shared. If you have this definition in your bodygraph, know that it is inevitable – as well as healthy – for you to be self-absorbed from time to time. 

“Most people with charisma appear generally unavailable to others.” – Linda Brunnel and Ra Uru Hu.

However, a word of caution about the Channel of Charisma: by itself, this channel has no access to awareness, and yet it will seem like you can manifest whatever you feel like. You will have the illusion of being a Manifestor. 

But unless you wait for your correct Sacral response, you are prone to unleashing havoc on those around you – especially if you are acting out of fear-based conditioning. Gate 20 is the Gate of the Now, and it is prone to compulsive outbursts.

Incidentally, there are a lot of people on the planet with the Channel of Charisma, because the 34 and the 20 oppose each other on the Mandala, forming one of only three channels by 180 degree opposition. (The lunar nodes are always directly opposite, as well as the Sun and the Earth.)

The Fuel to Follow Your Bliss

The 34-10 is the one Individual (not Integration) channel, in the minor but essential Centering Circuit. This is the Channel of Exploration, linking the Gate of Power to the G Center, where our very love, direction and identity reside. 

Gate 10, The Behavior of Self,  is a highly complex love gate that compels us to accept and love ourselves as unique beings, and when linked to the 34, it fuels us to behave just as we are without conforming or compromising. Those with this design tend to live entirely and unwaveringly by their own convictions. 

The hierarchies embedded within the Human Design circuitry are telling. Our bodies first and foremost dedicate fuel to our own personal survival and individuation, taking precedence even over reproductive success. Gate 34’s power to survive and thrive independently just as we are is not to be underestimated in the story of our human journey.

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