Gate 26: Why a “creative” memory makes money

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A good salesman knows what you need before you know it. Savvy negotiators, they are keenly attuned to the current zeitgeist and have a nose for profit. We expect them to exaggerate – it is part of their persuasive charm. And even though we are wooed and delighted by their presentation of a product, opportunity, or service, a good salesman must also have integrity.

In the Bodygraph

Behold Gate 26, the Gate of the Egoist, The Taming Power of the Great in the ancient I Ching. Gate 26 is located in the Heart or Ego Center, and it points to Gate 44 in the Spleen to form the Channel of Surrender, a critical part of the Ego Circuit.

Gate 26 and the Ego Center

This is part of the overall Tribal circuitry, which is focused on providing material support. The “surrender” implicit in the channel’s name refers to humanity’s inevitable interdependency. Even though we are all here to live as and express our unique, individuated selves, we are far from being self-sufficient islands. 

A Tribal Bargain

Not only that, the Tribal bargain is best forged when both parties arrive at the negotiation table with any expectations surrendered. The successful salesman is nimble, adaptable, and open to all potentials.

The Ego Center is the only motor in this “minor” circuit. Yet it is taxed with the heavy lifting of making sure the family or community have what they need to survive and prosper. Its power is mighty, however it is only able to operate with intervals of rest so it can replenish itself.

Gate 26 is arguably the strongest gate in the Ego Center, or at least the most egoic (by which I mean it needs true recognition for its efforts). Its gift of salesmanship is based on the subtle manipulation of memory, but it doesn’t have access to the memory itself.

Manipulation for the greater good

Mechanically speaking, Gate 26 operates in kahoots with the Spleen’s deep primordial memory – specifically that of the Gate of Alertness. Gate 44 remembers everything, and when Gate 26 has access to this memory, it can spin its proposition in the most convincing way. 

Gate 26 literally alters collective memory. Remember that the Spleen is the center of all of our fears. Gate 26, however, can assuage the fears of people by cherry-picking details, omitting things that might trigger such fears, doubts or insecurities amongst the Tribe. It can also offer distractaction from unrelated concerns.

The Trickster

When functioning optimally, what might seem like deception is actually providing key support. The Egoist understands what its people really need, and it is willing to lie if necessary. For this reason, sometimes Gate 26 is associated with the Trickster Archetype.

If you have Gate 26, and especially the full channel 26-44, then you have the gift of knowing what your people need and how to convince them that you are correct. Your powers of persuasion are mighty, and you’ll probably notice yourself taking liberties with the way you relay “facts” and tell stories. 

And because your memory is actually selective, you might not even be aware that you are presenting the facts this way! As Ra Uru Hu wrote in the Rave I Ching, “Fools are liars and prophets too, for they can never know if what they say is true. They just have to wait and see.”

Well-deserved R and R

If you are the Egoist, it is essential that you get the compensation, credit, and rest that is due to you. Your aura actually demands it, for there is often a patina of confidence – an air of egoism – that accompanies those with a defined Ego Center.

Seventy percent of people have an undefined Ego, and this lack of definition can come with a need to prove oneself. Similarly, the undefined Ego can sense the egoism in the person with a defined Ego. It’s actually been jokingly referred to as “big dick energy” because it can be mistaken for arrogance.

Wait for the Invitation

Yet this little motor is the weakest of the four in our bodygraph. This is why the recognition and rest are so crucial to your overall well-being. Understand the bargain at hand and leverage your powers of negotiation. Above all, follow your Strategy and Authority, which means ensure that you wait to be invited before you commit this precious energy resource!

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