Circling in on Gate 56: the art and story of language

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You’re never going to believe what just happened,” your friend whispers in your ear.…. Who can resist a hook like that? We humans love stories. We love drama, we love to take sides and feel the exhilaration, the joy, the adrenaline, the fear, and the ultimate relief or release of a good story.

We learn through the parables of our elders, and in the Humanities we recycle the Classics, hunting for morals like the pearls of wisdom they are. 

This is Gate 56, where all our random images and zany ideas funnel into relatable language. It’s called the Gate of Stimulation because it piques our curiosity about something – some concept, notion or idea.

Essentially, it sells an idea by embellishing it with some pizzazz, a little sex appeal, a “piece of flair” if you will. 

It’s the gate that gets another person thinking. It’s the gate of bards and inspirational speakers, the kind of people who give TED Talks. Maya Angalou, for example, had Gate 56 defined by her Unconscious Moon. According to her, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

Gaate 56 and the Throat Center

Gate 56 is located in the Throat Center, on the Sensing side of the Collective Circuit. It points up to Gate 11 in the Ajna, which first gathers and conceptualizes images and ideas.

The Collective nature means that its role is to share its unique voice with humanity. This voice says I believe, and it helps us learn from the past. And from its nuanced and enticing weaving of concepts, we are beguiled into learning how to make better choices.

The full channel 11/56 is called the Channel of Curiosity, which is expressed as the Design of the Searcher. The theme of searching, wandering and seeking is prominent in frequency of the Gate of Stimulation. 

If you have this definition, you are always on the move, looking for the next experience. Your impulse is to take these fragments of life lived and knit them together into a compelling narrative. You stir our senses and inspire our imagination, allowing us to tap into the process of ushering the Collective successfully forth.

This is not a mechanism that sorts details into neat, discrete little piles. That is the job of Gate 53, which is the mirror of Gate 56 in the bodygraph. The future-thinking scientific process is painstaking, slow, and decidedly unsexy. 

But not the Gate of Stimulation – here the point is to use the past to make us feel. After all, it is part of the emotionally driven Sensing Circuit, subject like all the channels to the Emotional Wave. And powerful feelings can be just as persuasive as cold, hard facts.

If you have Gate 56, you have the knack for distilling a story to its essence, to make sense out of disparate events and translate them into a seductive narrative. Be mindful, though, to share when the timing is right. This is a projected frequency, meaning it relies on recognition and invitation to operate properly. Once you have spoken your piece, the process is over – so choose your audience wisely.

And likewise, if you are one of the folks sitting around the campfire listening in rapture, remember that just because someone is telling you a tale, it’s not necessarily true (or helpful)! 😜

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