Gate 3: The inevitable chaos of beginning

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Think about the last time you changed jobs, moved to another place, or had a new person come into – or leave – your life. Was it an easy, seamless experience or were there some challenges at first? This dynamic is the domain of the Gate of Ordering.

The powerful Gate 3 ushers in and welcomes this “new thing,” then it provides the fuel needed to tidy up all the chaos ensued. By chaos I mean the disorder and uncertainty which naturally occur at the beginning stage of any project, life phase, or experience.

Human Design Circuitry

The Gate of Ordering is in the Sacral Center, our body’s power plant of life force energy and procreation. Gate 3 points down to Gate 60 in the Root Center to form one of three influential Format Channels. The 3-60, or the Channel of Initiation, belongs to the Individual Circuit. Format Channels set the tone for the entire circuit, so if you have Gate 3 defined, know that this energy is highly impactful in your design. 

The Sacral Center

The Individual Circuit, as we know, experiences an on/off pulse which is entirely unpredictable. The Individual will randomly receive a “pulse” from Gate 60 in the Root, and if there is a correct sacral response, the energy will become available to take on the confusion and challenges that accompany new beginnings and get things organized and operational.

A Very Individual Design

People with this definition are often seen as odd, or as outsiders, yet they empower others simply by empowering themselves. And when their idiosyncratic, innovative behavior is successful, it will be passed on to the Tribe and then ultimately to the Collective.

This makes sense when we consider that the polarity of Gate 3 is Gate 50 (Values). The Gate of Values is in the Splenic Center and the Tribal Circuit. It is preoccupied with tradition, with the “old ways” of doing things, the ways that ensured our survival generation after generation. This is an opposite energy indeed, from the random mutations that threaten to upset the apple cart. 

A Wellspring of Innovation

The Individual, in this way, is a living example of a new approach to being in the world ever more efficiently. This is the essence of mutation the way Human Design explains it. According to Ra Uru Hu, Gate 3 is the source of all mutations, biological as well as social, so the beginning in its name suits the genesis of new life which it represents. 

Prone to Depression

A possible challenge with this design is being prone to melancholy. From the perspective of the Individual, when the pulse is on, it feels so satisfying to simply know. It feels like inspiration. And in its absence is the waiting, the flat-feeling melancholy of nothing…until the next pulse. 

A Zodiacal Perspective

The gate that the I Ching calls Difficulty at the Beginning straddles the last few degrees of Aries and the first two degrees of Taurus. It goes from firey initiations to grounded, embodied pleasures – something that neatly echos the dynamics of Gate 3.

One more thing to consider, especially for those who appreciate synchronicities: Eclipes are a phenomenon that traditionally augur beginnings and endings. At the time of drafting this post, as the Sun and Moon were meeting up in Gate 3, we experienced not only a New Moon but also a solar eclipse.

Did you feel it? What is ending or beginning for you? How will you bring order to the chaos?

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