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Gate 20: Showcasing the present moment and the power of being here now

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You have felt it – that intoxication of being completely absorbed in the present moment. Maybe you’re racing your bike down a hill, maybe you’re staring into the eyes of your Beloved. Or perhaps you’re simply doing a crossword puzzle. There is no past, and the future does not exist. 

This is the energy of Gate 20, the Gate of the Now, and the I Ching name Contemplation reveals its timeless nature.

Gate 20 is in the Throat Center, the nexus of expression and manifestation of the bodygraph. It connects to three other centers. This means it has three ways to express:

Gate 20 and its channels

The Channel of the Awareness, through Gate 10 of the self-directed G Center: I am being myself now

The Channel of the Brainwave, through Gate 57 of the intuitive, survival-focused Spleen: I exist now. 

The Channel of Charisma, through Gate 34 of the Sacral Center (our most powerful motor): I exist now because I am doing. 

With all of these I am statements, it might not be surprising to learn that the Gate of the Now forms part of the Individual Circuitry, with the 20-57. Here the frequency seeks to mutate the Collective by modeling better ways of being and doing, hence empowering the Self and others.

The Gate of the Now also links up to the Integration Channel, a circuit group whose “super keynote” is self-empowerment. Consider the word integration, which connotes a pulling or holding together, to make something whole. This preservation of the Individual ensures the survival of the Tribe and the Collective.

The Integration Channel is likened to the backbone of the bodygraph, in the way that it preserves your uniqueness – what makes you you. This uniqueness is the reason evolution happens, one specimen at a time.

Given that Gate 20 has direct access to such primal forces, its unique knowing can lead to aligned action. Therefore those that have it defined in their bodygraph are often very busy doing things and expressing themselves, from their love of life to their intuitive clarity. 

It’s interesting to note that the 20-34 is a relatively common activation in our species, because Gate 34 lies on the opposite side of the Mandala. This means that any time the Sun is in one gate, the Earth will be in the other. The same logic applies to the lunar nodes, which are always in opposition.

Photo thanks to Zachary Keimig

Western astrology can shed more light on the energies of Gate 20, which falls at the beginning of Gemini (like most of the gates in the Throat Center). Gemini is known for its social butterfly qualities, and its curious, chatty, and sometimes superficial nature. 

The Gene Keys uses similar language: the shadow expression is Superficiality, while the highest expression is Presence.

Regardless of how we approach Gate 20, its reach is perpetual and eternal. The Now, after all, is completely empty – a divine cup ever ready to be filled. 

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