Gate 27: The desire and energy to nurture what we create

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The act of making babies is generally considered fun, right? Our sexuality (Gate 59) is fiery and charged, often with little real-time awareness of the “consequences” of procreation. The vast amount of time and resources that go into caring for a new human being is the job of Gate 27.

The Gate of Caring, or Nourishment in the I Ching, provides the energy to ensure that our offspring are taken care of after the fun part. And obviously, this is an equally essential part of the species’ continuity. 

Gate 27 and Gate 59 are both in the Sacral Center, our motor of pure life force. Their respective channels form the Defense Circuit, which is the Tribal energy of procreation.

The Defense Circuit

Gate 27 points towards Gate 50 (Values) in the Spleen, which is responsible for upholding and enforcing tribal law and values.

Because these are Tribal gates, their foremost concern is to support the material needs of the family or community. As the name implies, the Gate of Caring sources our ability to nurture and care for things.

Those with the Gate of Caring are naturally suited to care for what they create. They are the archetypal mother, selflessly tending to the needs of the Tribe. Mother Teresa is often cited as an example of this energy. Those with the energy have an attractive aura since, on some level, we all have a need to be taken care of.

Channel 27-50 is referred to as the Design of Custodianship, implying a sense of belonging and commitment. This makes sense when we remember that tribal frequency places great importance on the bargain. In the case of the 27-50, the bargain goes something like, “I’ll take care of you as long as you uphold our value system.”

If you have Gate 27 defined in your chart but not the whole channel, you might not have a sense of the value system worth committing to. You might waste your precious energy caring for people or things that do not align to your purpose.

Like any sacral gate, its availability is either there, or not. If you have this center and gate defined, you will be able to know in your gut whether you have the ability to care for something. You might run the risk, though, of over caring. This might look like trying to provide care where it’s not needed or wanted.

As always, listen to your body (your Strategy and Authority). It will not lead you astray!

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