Gate 43: Readying the genius to hatch

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Sometimes we have a sudden knowing, a deep and spontaneous sense of inner truth. This happens even though we can’t explain how or why, or point to any facts to back up our knowing. From a Human Design perspective, this spark of spontaneous genius occurs in Gate 43, the Gate of Insight.

It’s interesting that we associate light with understanding. We can have a flash of insight, sudden clarity and illumination, or a light bulb that pops up over our head. But what if I told you that your third eye was really more like your third ear

The Inner Ear

This is how Ra Uru Hu (the founder of the Human Design system) explains that aha, that sudden sense of deep knowing that can rise up in people from time to time. This is the actual function of the Gate of Insight – to hear our own inner truth.

Gate 43 is found in the Ajna Center, our hub of mental awareness. This is where we try to make sense of things by processing information and conceptualizing ideas. Essentially, Gate 43 receives the sudden sense of knowing from the original aha moment, which comes straight down from the Head Center’s Gate 24 (Mystery). 

In the Bodygraph

The hanging Gate of Insight wants to express what it knows. However, because the concept is novel, innovative, and quite possibly weird, it’s not ready to be shared yet. This is where the harmonic Gate 23 (Splitting Apart) comes in,  facilitating communication by breaking the concept into tiny bits that might be more easily understood.

Gate 43 and the Ajna Center

Genius or Freak?

The 43-23 is the Channel of Structuring (affectionately known as a Design from Genius to Freak), and its job is to usher humanity into the next New Order by mutating society perspectives.

The channel packages or translates the new genius (or freakish) perspective into a structure that others will accept and ultimately implement. This is Individual Circuitry which empowers us to embrace innovation and novelty, ultimately so that our species can mutate and evolve.

Acoustic Deafness

Individuals are here to influence rather than be influenced. The entire circuit is acoustic in nature and involves a certain kind of listening, and very specific sound frequencies. Paradoxically though, Individuals are infamously “deaf.” What they are deaf to, though, is influence from anything that can distract them from listening to their inner voice.

The Importance of Timing

Divine timing is very much at play with Gate 43. One, because the knowing operates on a pulse and will be sudden and unpredictable. Two, because Individuals are far more successful when they wait for recognition or invitation to share their insights. 

Ra Uru Hu said, “The Individual mind will always feel like an outsider standing at the door, waiting for an invitation to offer its unique knowledge.” 

It’s quite a conundrum, because you see it! You just know! You see a better, faster, and more efficient way of doing something. You are here to upset the status quo apple cart, and yet if your timing isn’t right, your insights will seem freakish to other people, and you might be rejected. 

Fear of Rejection

It’s no surprise that Gate 43 comes with a fear of rejection. This fear is here to protect you, though – to underscore the caution you must take in when, how, and with whom you share your quirky, original, and unique way of looking at something. 

When the Individual melancholy creeps upon you, or when your anxiety tries to keep you down, just remember your immense value to humanity. Relax and trust your Strategy and Authority, and know that you are here to revolutionize the way people see and think.

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