Mercury on the Move!

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Do you know where Mercury is in your natal chart?  Or more importantly, do you know its condition and role in your life?

Mine is at 15 degrees and change Gemini, which in Human Design is Conscious Gate 35.5 and Unconscious Gate 17.1 . Gemini happens to be my sixth house, which is both a blessing and a curse, because my mental and verbal skills are tasked with topics related to the drudgery of staying alive and healthy.

My friend Nickey is, like me, rather Mercury-forward. Over lunch yesterday we decided that its current transit through Taurus has felt like our minds have been trudging through mud. 

Mercury represents our perception and voice. All of our thinking and communication are its domain. This is why the fixed, earthen terrain of Taurus really slows it down. 

Today though (June 3), Mercury is a very happy planet! It will enter Gemini (mutable air) where it naturally reigns. Just hours after, it enters Gate 20 (The Gate of the Now), highlighting powerful, unique self-expression. Much of Gemini is devoted to the Throat Center in fact.

You can read about Gate 20 here:

By the way, both benefits (Venus and Jupiter) are in Gemini right now too, offering sweet love and abundant support. The Sun as well – shining awareness on this part of your life. With so many planets renewing their agreement with the Sun, there are an unusual number of ways we’ll experience new beginnings this month. To use a term Austin Coppock just coined on The Astrology Podcast’s June forecast, the weather is “hyper-Gemininian.”

Pay attention to how your thinking, talking/socializing, writing, etcetera accelerate in the next few weeks. Understanding Mercury’s energy allows you to work consciously with what its transits bring.

If you want to know your Mercury better, I can help you track its journey through the skies and make sense of its impact on your life. ❤️

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