Gate 15: Loving of all the ways to be human

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On June 21, the Northern Hemisphere basked in the longest day of the year. Meanwhile, our friends on the other side of the world snuggled up with the longest night. This, of course, is the Solstice and its significance has been known to creatures since the beginning of life.

This important astronomical marker occurs while the sun is in Gate 15, the Gate of Extremes. Here we enjoy the natural rhythms of the seasons, of the cyclical ebb and flow of planetary movement and of time itself. 

What does it mean to live as a human being? Imagine the vast array of possible human behavior and expression. There are as many ways as people! The Gate of Extremes contains the seed of this entire spectrum of potentiality. This creates a nonjudgmental sense of acceptance of all ways of life, and in turn, a love of humanity in all its guises.

Not only does it accept all ways of being human, Gate 15 itself can be extreme in its own habits. It can vacillate between routines that might appear unusual or erratic to others, until it finds a fulcrum of balance or modesty, as the I’ Ching name indicates.

If you have this gate defined, especially as a hanging gate (without the full channel), you are naturally adaptable and tolerant of extreme schedules. This could be about sleep, exercise, meals, or work – anything at all.

You might go through phases where you adhere to a very rigid schedule, and then others where you wake up with the sun and see where the day leads. You actually need to change your routine from time to time to feel aligned. 

Gate 15 is found in the G Center, our inner compass and the residence of our love. It points down to Gate 5 in the Sacral Center, placing it on the Understanding side of the Collective Circuit.

This stream is preoccupied with identifying and confirming successful patterns of behavior that will ensure humanity’s future. However, it is not known for being accepting of diversity, which makes the Gate of Extremes noteworthy.

Gate 15 and the G Center

One of the “love gates” in the G Center, the Gate of Extremes represents the potential love of humanity. With Gate 15 you have a “big” and magnetic aura. This is because others can sense your full acceptance of their way of being. And with your loving tolerance, you help normalize even the most extreme ways of living so that they can exist harmoniously within the Collective. 

Keep in mind that the full Channel of Rhythm, the 5-15, behaves a bit differently than either of the gates on their own. Those with this channel operate with a natural flow unique to them, and they can be very influential in the routines of those around them.

On the other hand, it is said that the electromagnetic connection between the 15 and the 5 (when these two people are in aura together) can actually be uncomfortable or problematic.

In any case, it’s all about the natural flow of life. Mother Nature can be a beautiful teacher of how to balance gracefully between extremes. In fact, if you have Gate 15, you are likely very attuned to nature, and you might feel a special connection to plants and animals. Nonetheless, we can all learn from their example of simple surrender to the timeless cycles of the cosmos.

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