Exploring Gate 53: The fuel to begin a new chapter

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Imagine your life as a book, filled with chapters. There have been many interwoven stories and characters. Now and then you page through your memories and reminisce – sometimes with a full and grateful heart, sometimes tender and even wincing, from the pain of remembering.

We humans use stories to understand ourselves, to learn and progress. We remind ourselves of past horrors to avoid repeating calamities, and we encourage each other with tales of courage and compassion. We all have our stories, and naturally – each tale has a beginning, middle and end. 

In Human Design, Gate 53 is where it all begins. The Gate of Beginnings is our fuel to literally start something, to get something going. This could be a new business, a new relationship, a new routine or regimen – anything with an inherent narrative arc. Maybe you decide to train for a race, get pregnant, or plan a year abroad. 

Gate 53 is an ignition spark in this process, like the Aces in Tarot. Located in the Root Center, it represents a mechanical, adrenalized stress to begin a cycle of some kind. It pressurizes the Collective Sensing Circuit, and though the pressure is constant, its intensity fluctuates in accordance with the moody Emotional Wave.

The Gate of Beginnings points up to Gate 42 in the Sacral Center to create a powerful format channel – the Channel of Maturation. It is powerful because it sets the frequency for the rest of the design.

It’s also powerful because when you begin something, you literally propel energy into motion, which in turn affects other people.

Gate 53 and the Root Center

As its name Maturation implies, every cycle we stand by from start to finish allows us to mature and attain the wisdom of experience and age. After each experience comes a time of contemplative reflection in which the lessons we have learned are integrated and distilled. Then, we share our tales of joy (and our stories of woe) with others, our lessons a testament that benefit the Collective.

If you carry this energy, you likely recognize a constant pressure to do something new, but you might grow depressed or frustrated if you quit or cannot finish it. It’s possible also to rely on adrenaline too heavily.

The secret lies is how you begin: for best results, enter experiences correctly, using Strategy and Authority, and do not ever initiate from the Mind.

Besides listening to your body, before you begin, know that the cycle you start needs to be lived out to the finish. The completion part is the whole point and oddly, the outcome does not matter. Cautionary tales are just as instructive as tales of victory.

Furthermore, if something you get going is not wrapped up one way or another, you are destined to repeat it later in a different way.

This is not to say that you personally (or all by yourself) must finish what you start. You can certainly pass the torch to someone else, say someone with Gate 42. Maybe you want to remodel your house. You conceive the vision and your partner manages the execution. Or maybe the business you started has outgrown you, and it’s time to sell.

It’s interesting that the polarity of the Gate of Beginnings is Gate 54, The Marrying Maiden. They are two sides of the same coin – Gate 53 is the spark that needs fodder and Gate 54, a Tribal Energy, is a patient, steady social climber (with a Capricorn endurance indeed).

At the end of the day, Gate 53 wants us to have a story to tell. Whether the telling brings tears of laughter or sorrow, our stories are priceless!

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