Gate 9: The energy to focus on the essential

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What do the scientist, sculptor, and video game devotee have in common? And why do their inherent qualities matter so much to the continuity of our species? These are questions we’ll explore as we hone in on Gate 9 – the Gate of Focus.

Gate 9 is a fundamental part of the logical (Understanding) side of the Collective Circuit. People who have it in their definition have an enormous capacity to remain still, harnessing and focusing their energy on the most important details of something. In this way they are able to take in and assess the tiniest minutiae of a process or pattern.

Doing “Nothing” is Doing Something Huge

Even though it might appear like doing “nothing,” it takes immense energy to focus one’s attention. This fuel comes from the Sacral Center, where Gate 9 resides. The Sacral, of course, is our most powerful auric motor.

In the Bodygraph

Gate 9 and the Sacral Center

The Gate of Focus points down to Gate 52 (Standing Still/Mountain) in the Root, the center that provides adrenalized pressure to its nine channels. The 9-52, called the Channel of Concentration bestows those who have it with its potent and influential focusing force. (Ra even suggested that if you need to concentrate on something, sit next to someone with the 9-52!)

Like so many of the aspects of Human Design, the operation of these gates is purely mechanical. Essentially, Gate 52 exerts an intense but vague pressure to be still, and then the Gate of Focus funnels and hones this pressure, converting it into a fuel that has something meaningful to focus on.

The Format Channels

It’s important to note that all three of the channels that connect the Root to the Sacral are highly influential. Called the format channels, they markedly set the tone for their respective circuitries. This affects all of humanity – not just those that have these channels defined in the bodygraph.

In the case of the Channel of Concentration, because the circuitry is Collective, the ultimate goal is always to provide or share something that benefits the society at large. Consider what this suggests about the importance of simply being still and concentrating on something. 

Constant Experimentation and Testing

This focus is the foundation of the entire logical process of experimentation. It is constantly scanning patterns for past success and future viability and sustainability by vetting out flaws that might cause them to fail, as well as testing and tweaking upgrades to our biological software.

If you have Gate 9 or the full channel, you are tenacious, patient and incredibly diligent with details. You are a natural at testing theories and patterns as well as any kind of practice, repetition, or focus.  Ultimately, your objective is to fault-find so as to perfect.

In fact, you feel really good when you are engaging your energy this way because your perseverance drives away feelings of restless discontent, boredom, or depression. 

And even though your nit-picking and devil’s advocacy might annoy other people, you are truly here to make the world a safer, more efficient, and more joyful place. 🙂

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