Gate 32: Awareness that can transform our instinctual nature

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The only thing which endures is change. This classic paradox is at the heart of why we strive to be better. We want the new and improved. We want the latest and greatest, the most efficient and certainly better than last year’s version. This could be about technology, political systems, health practices, anything at all.

This primitive desire is a driving force for evolution. It manifests mechanically as a keen awareness and a magnetic draw to what or who can help it improve its station. In real life, it often looks like the pursuit of money or talent, or natural savvy with resources. Getting better and better often means getting richer and richer.

Money, money, money

Materialism has gotten a bad rap since its heyday in the 1980’s. Madonna’s diamond-hungry Material Girl, from today’s vantage point, seems like a shallow ideal. However, wealth and abundance are quite literally how we survive to reproduce most successfully. The Tribe that cannot provide sufficient material resources for its members will ultimately fail, unless it can adapt along its course. And adaptation is invariably related to resources.

In the Bodygraph

From a Human Design perspective, the ability to sniff out money potential is found in Gate 32, the Gate of Continuity. It is found in the Splenic Center, in the Tribal (Ego) Circuit in the cool, airy Instinctive Stream. It points to Gate 54 in the Root Center to form the Channel of Transformation. 

Gate 32 and the Spleen

The  Gate of Continuity is the only awareness gate in the Spleen dedicated to the Ego Circuit. The Tribe’s number one priority is to have instinctual awareness of what is viable and has potential for fuel and money, and what must be discarded. 

Like all the Splenic gates, its awareness is primitive. It is the place where all our instinctive memories and knowledge are stored, always on the ready for adaptation if it means survival. It is awareness that knows when to pivot and yet retain its basic nature, allowing the Tribe to continue on and thrive without losing its core identity.

Mechanically speaking, Gate 54 (the Marrying Maiden) represents pure ambition to better one’s lot. Being in the Root it pressurizes the channel, meeting with the usual discernment of the Spleen. Gate 32 senses what or who offers promise, what or who can be transformed into material improvement for the Tribe. 

In the Maia

Those with definition here have a Design of Being Driven. They have an inherent knowing of what will serve and what will not. They make excellent financial planners and are savvy and nimble around laws and regulations. 

Even though they leverage and allocate funds, people, opportunities, and possibilities, it is always to serve the Tribe, the  family, workplace, church, etcetera. There is an incredible amount  at stake, and for this reason the dynamic is quite conservative. There is no room for revolutions or personal risk taking. As Ra wrote, the 32 “puts the brakes on the blind ambition” of Gate 54.

Those with the hanging Gate 32 can be especially drawn to ambition or ambitious people. They tend to have staying power, a sense of the enormous value of time, and also its erosive power. Growth, after all, relies on endings and deaths. 

Fear is the price of survival

It makes sense that the fear of failure is associated with the Gate of Continuity. Human Design elder Alokanand Diaz speaks very eloquently about the sadness and resignation that accompanies this energetic frequency. The things we love become more precious when we realize their impermanence. We take great measures to prolong their life and postpone their demise. 

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