Gate 19: The fuel to secure what the people need

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Most of us are familiar with the concept of wanting to be wanted or needing to be needed. This urge, this pressure to reach out and connect interdependently is a fundamental component of our Tribal structure. In Human Design, the source of this drive is Gate 19, the Gate of Wanting.

Gate 19 is the deep pressure of need and the sensitivity to needs in general. It’s the pressure to get your needs met, the energy to approach other people to obtain resources, and the fuel to distribute them. This work requires sensitivity each step along the way, as Gate 19’s place in the Stream of Sensitivity reveals.

It’s all about needs

In general, The Tribal Circuit ensures the material needs of the community are met, each of its gates fulfilling a unique role. People with Gate 19 prominent in their design are highly sensitive to what other people need.

They might constantly wonder if everyone has what they need, and they possess a keen ability to identify what people might  lack (often before they know it themselves).

In the Bodygraph

Gate 19 and the Root Center

The Gate of Wanting is found in the Root Center, and it (literally) reaches for Gate 49 (Principles) in the Solar Plexus (Emotional Center). The 49-19 is the Channel of Synthesis, a design of being sensitive.

Its frequency is what ignites revolutions, because if basic needs are not being met, it has the fuel to fight to the death for the principles and honor of the Tribe.

The Root pressures Gate 19 to reach out, to approach (the ancient Chinese name for this hexagram) Gate 49 to procure resources. It has tremendous value to everyone because it both anticipates needs and points our awareness to where our communities are lacking. 

Belonging to something bigger

It is a deep need to belong, to be part of something bigger and greater than ourselves. And we want to contribute to it and be supported by it.

Gate 19’s deep pressure to relate reminds us that everything is connected and interdependent. Just as each life depends on the lives of others farther down the food chain.

It’s about more than food – sort of.

Ra Uru Hu joked that the most important thing for a Gate 19 is a full refrigerator. And while the word needs begins with food and shelter, it also includes emotional support, affection, and loving touch. A community lacking any of these essentials is sure to disintegrate. 

But that’s not all. These are mystical gates, concerned with allowing us to commune with Spirit through emotion. To truly thrive we must also tend to our spiritual needs. Humans have always sought refuge in a higher power. And on a practical level, shared beliefs are the glue in our Tribal bonds.

Another important aspect of Gate 19 is inclusivity. If this is your design, you do not like to be left out! The hand-outreached energy at play of Gate 19 is sensitive to feeling excluded and is careful to not exclude others.

This only applies to who is in your Tribe though. Gate 49 is a firm boundary which will only open the food pantry for those it deems worthy and honorable.

Sealing the deal

Loyalty in fact is an important keynote for the Tribal Circuit. The survival of the Tribe is dependent upon everyone holding up their end of the bargain.

Often a deal is symbolically sealed with a physical gesture of affection, such as shaking hands or kissing the bride – another reminder of the importance of touch in the Tribal gates.  

The Channel of Synthesis is in fact nick-named the Marriage Channel, and it is responsible for the societal structures we live within today. We can watch it mutating before our eyes as younger generations opt for alternatives to traditional marital interdependence.

Wisdom from HD elder

Alokanand Díaz elaborates on the mystical nature of Gate 19, referring to its mystical pain. We feel the lack or need from this gate as actual pain, a spur to seek fulfillment. Pain can be a gateway to bliss. Furthermore, how you deal with pain reveals your spirit.

He reminds us that the polarity of each gate, the one opposing it on the Mandala, often reveals hidden truths. Gate 33 is the Gate of Privacy. We tend to keep our needs secret because they can expose our weakness and vulnerability. And we will protect the material resources we possess, often to the death. 

Challenging aspects of Gate 19

It’s telling that the three gates that point from the Root to the Emotional Center inject pure adrenaline into our nervous system, fueling our feelings and often triggering an Emotional Wave. Rage is a real thing when, for example, the Channel of Synthesis feels wronged or betrayed.

Other pitfalls to be aware of with The Gate of Wanting include feeling left out or isolated, and a tendency towards neediness and over-dependence on others. Conversely, one might allow others’ needs to eclipse one’s own. Because of the resentment that can build up, depression can sometimes be an issue.

When engaged with awareness, Gate 19 allows you to get your needs met on every level. You tend to be flirtatious and fun, testing people out to find the right fit. You are choosy, yet have a deep need for relationships. When you find the right people, the interdependence and mutual support can be incredibly satisfying.

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