Gate 14: Fuel to move towards Beauty

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Human Design is anchored in metaphors of vehicles, drivers, and passengers. Our body is the vehicle and our mind is the passenger, riding relaxed and idyll in the back seat as our Magnetic Monopole (our driver) guides us smoothly through time and space. 

Of course, every vehicle needs fuel, and this is where Gate 14 comes in. This is the Gate of Power Skills, and it’s likened to a gas pedal or an ignition switch because it powers our trajectories of personal destiny.

In the Bodygraph

Unsurprisingly, Gate 14 is found in the Sacral Center, the mightiest of the four motors in the bodygraph. It points up to Gate 2 in the G Center, the hub of our Love, Identity, and Direction. This is Individual circuitry, whose quest is always to empower us on a search for Beauty by its process of ever-new creative expression and innovation.

Gate 14 and the Sacral Center

Fuel that Mutates

Mechanically speaking, the magic begins in the Root’s formatting energy. The Individual mutative pulse is either on or off, and when it is on, it’s as our body’s very fuel gets altered, updated and mutated. It’s constantly improving itself, getting cleaner, more potent, and more efficient.

The harmonic Gate 2, being the seat of the Magnetic Monopole, is a very special gate in the bodygraph. It’s the Gate of Higher Knowing and the residence of our soul. Its pure yin receptivity draws in the fertile, generative energy of Gate 14 to form the Channel of the Beat.

The Tantric Channels

The 2-14 is one of three channels that connect the Sacral to the G Center. These important pathways are called the Tantric Channels, and they give us the energy to move towards what we love so we can become who we are meant to be.

Channel of the Beat has a fitting name, given the acoustic nature of the circuitry as well as how Individuals tend to walk to the beat of their own drum. It is the beat of life itself, and when we allow our body to dance to its rhythm, our life unfolds naturally and beautifully.

A Poweful Magnet for Resources

Gate 14 is first and foremost concerned with material resources. The Individuals with this activation attract power, wealth and abundance. And their aura communicates to other people that they know the way to go to get more of it. The Human Design definition of the Gate of Power Skills emphasizes this “accumulation and retention of power.”

The Not-Self

Think of it as having a fuel-injected soul which continually affirms one’s life direction –  when in alignment. Yet when out of alignment, we know that the potent Sacral power can be hijacked, manipulated and abused. 

How many of us toil away in jobs we can barely stand, or otherwise engage our life force energy in ways that do not bring fulfillment? This is where the Not-Self themes show themselves: the anger in the Manifestor, frustration in the Generator, bitterness in the Projector, and disappointment in the Reflector.

Keeper of the Keys

If you have the Channel of the Beat, your design is a Keeper of the Keys. Keep in mind, though, that the wealth you generate is not yours to keep – it is yours to distribute.

You have the power to initiate others in their own sense of empowered direction. It is these unique shifts, one person at a time, that create mutation and ensure our evolution and survival. 

The Hanging Gate 14

If you have the Gate of Power Skills as a hanging gate, you are wired to love what you do. You have the fuel to seek your own unique life trajectory, but you will search for Gate 2 for where exactly to go.

Remember, Strategy and Authority are the only tools you need. When the Individual melancholy descends, know that Life makes decisions through you if you have trust and patience.

Possession in Great Measure

The I Ching name for hexagram 14 is called Possession in Great Measure: the ability to trust and wait bestows a self-possession that is powerful and attractive indeed.

The image associated with the I Ching hexagram is a full wagon, for when we have abundant material resources, we can move in the direction we are meant to.

There is beauty in this simplicity. And as the great Human Design master Alokonand Diaz says, “Beauty makes survival worthwhile.”

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