Money, money, money and the Tribal authority of Gate 45

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Money! Few things hold us in their sway like the green. Whether you love it, squander it, hoard it, or deny it, money in our society is unquestionably synonymous with power. Gate 45, the Gate of the Gatherer, encapsulates the energy surrounding this powerful, complicated resource.

Gate 45 is the only Tribal gate in the Throat Center, the only access point to manifestation. This makes it extremely valuable: the Tribe, which is above all preoccupied with the material, needs the Gate of the Gatherer in order to get the resources to survive and thrive.

People with Gate 45 have an aura of leadership which others can sense and trust. Known as the Gate of the King or Queen, it represents pure authority. Indeed it is the voice of the Tribe, saying “I have” or more correctly, “We have.” It commands loyalty and promises to provide both harmony and material resources to its people. It is an energy of dominance, manifestation, and action.

As the Human Design definition implies, the Gate of the Gatherer represents the “generally beneficial attraction of like forces,” meaning that the leader’s aura literally gathers together people and resources for the benefit of the Tribe. 

In the modern world, this might look like the owner of a thriving business or the head of household, where the “leader” is entrusted to delegate responsibilities and provide for all members. And as with any tribal frequency, “blood is thicker than water,” meaning  loyalty is of paramount importance.

Gate 45 points to Gate 21 in the Ego Center, to form the Channel of Money. If you have the 45 as a hanging gate you might feel especially drawn to someone with Gate 21 because these two work exceptionally well as an electromagnetic.

In this case, Gate 21 would be the manager of the company, someone who is much more involved with the practical management and distribution of resources. Gate 45, you see, isn’t here to get their hands dirty, i.e. work.

Gate 45 and the Throat Center

Today money can seem like an end unto itself, but in the context of Human Design, it is more simple: Correct stewardship of a family’s money stream or a company’s bottom line is the reason such tribes can operate in abundance, peace and harmony. 

The frequency of Gate 45, in fact, goes well beyond the ch-ching factor because it also places high value on educating its constituents. This is part of the gathering it does, continually drawing in more knowledge and skill which of course maximizes the acquisition of resources. 

The highest expression of Gate 45 is that of the generous, competent and benevolent leader who fosters trust and belonging in the community. There will be a true sense of win-win and peace for all. In this way the leader with this gate performs a sort of alchemy, bringing about a sustainable synergy where the whole is much more than a sum of its parts.

More challenging ways Gate 45 can show up include being overly controlling or possessive, or else hoarding (or even wasting) resources. And beware, the person with this activation does not generally like working for other people or being subordinate, for they know in their heart they are the true authority.

Gate 45 is part of a manifesting channel, meaning it is designed to make things happen. However, as with all such channels, you will get far better results if you inform people before you act.

It’s often fun to look at celebrity charts to get a sense of the energy in action. It shouldn’t surprise that Bill Gates and George W Bush have the 45, or that Donald Trump has the whole channel.

However, considering that others with the influential Gate of the Gatherer include Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, and Eckhart Tolle, it seems that leadership and authority can be more widely defined. 

And sometimes this mysterious cosmic business is very literal, down to actual names: Freddie Mercury of Queen and Stephen King also have the Gate of the King/Queen. Royalty apparently comes in many forms!

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