Gate 38: The only fight that’s worth it

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In the domain of Gate 38, we meet The Fighter, an archetype driven by the quest to uphold individual integrity in the face of opposing forces.

In this context, fighting transcends mere physical conflict and becomes a purposeful pursuit, a means to justify the struggles inherent in survival. This energy manifests as an inherent urge to confront adversity, fueling a passionate journey of opposition.

In the Bodygraph

Located in the Root Center and pointing to Gate 28 in the Spleen.

Gate 38 is the pulsing fuel of the Individual Knowing Circuit. It releases pressure, initiating the Stream of Intuition. This energy channels through beyond the Spleen, a vital component of health. 

Gate 38 and the Root Center

As part of the Individual Circuit, Gate 38 instigates empowerment of the self and others toward individuation. This process is the essence of mutation, one person at a time. 

Acoustic Channels and Deafness

The acoustic nature of Gate 38 provides it with a defense strategy. Individuals may seem obstinate or stubborn because, in a sense, they can’t hear others. This deafness is a protective mechanism, urging them to resist external influences and find answers for themselves.

Fear of Death

The frequency of the Gate of the Fighter is fierce, independent, and tenacious to the very end. The struggle is profound—it’s a fundamental force necessary to combat the underlying fear of death ever-present in the Spleen. 

Really though, as Amy Lee of the Human Design Collective  points out, the Fighter isn’t afraid of dying – he is afraid of dying before finding the purpose of it all. Because even for the most fortunate among us, surviving this roller coaster ride of life isn’t easy. 

Healthy Combat

Gate 38 introduces another nuanced perspective, suggesting that the act of fighting can be healing. For those with this definition, being stubborn and embracing struggle is a healthy way of living. 

Especially for those with the full Channel of Judgement, the pressure to struggle is often met with an eagerness to engage in extreme or risky ways. Their Splenic awareness, however, keeps the Individual safe from danger.

Intervals of Melancholy

The Individual knows what melancholy feels like. A sense of nothingness, a lack of inspiration or purpose. The pulse of fuel is not predictable, and in between one is left to wait idly in the gloom.

Even more so for the Fighter, often shunned as an outsider. The weight of being deeply misunderstood is a challenge intrinsic to this archetype. 

As with all aspects of our Design, when we meet the challenges with patience and curiosity (and follow Strategy and Authority), the rewards are enormous. Individuals correctly attuned to the Gate of the Fighter can find profound meaning in and affirmation of the value of life.

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