The nine geometrical shapes in your Bodygraph are called centers, each of which has a role in our survival and evolution. They are similar to the energetic centers of the seven chakras. Which centers you have defined determines your Type- whether you are a Generator, a Projector, a Manifestor, or a Reflector.

The numbers on the Bodybraph are the gates of the Rave I Ching, and the lines connecting the centers are called channels

The Centers

The Root – the motor that provides adrenalized pressure to the circuitry of the bodygraph

The Sacral Center – the motor of pure life force and procreative energy

The Spleen– the awareness center constantly alert to things related to our survival

The Solar Plexus/Emotional Center – a motor that reveals emotional awareness over time

The G Center – the seat of the soul and the place of our love, direction, and purpose

The Ego/Heart Center – a motor which sources our will to follow through with promises

The Throat – the hub of all centers and circuits where things are expressed or made manifest

The Ajna – the center of mental awareness which processes our questions, doubts, and confusion

The Head – the center at the crown that provides pressure to question things

What is Definition?

If you look at your bodygraph, you’ll see that certain things are colored in and others are not. The color indicates that you have these things “defined” in your chart. Notice how when two defined gates connect, the channel is also defined, and how the centers connected by the channel are defined as well.

The red indicates your Design, or Unconscious, and the black indicates your Personality, or Conscious. Don’t worry about the color of the centers.

It is said that your definition represents hardwired energetic patterns that you always have access to. These are areas where you tend to be less flexible or susceptible to being swayed.

The other gates, channels, and centers are considered undefined or open, where you are more prone to influence and conditioning. They are also where you are constantly learning, absorbing, and becoming ever wiser and more discerning.

Another thing that influences us on a daily basis is the transit weather. Like in Astrology, the itinerant celestial bodies create a perpetual and ever-changing field that impacts our system, giving us access to energies we otherwise would not have access to.